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The book "Eat good. Feel good" for body weight loss and wellness.


The book "Eat good. Feel good" contains recommendations and ready-made diet for comfortable weight loss and health improvement. With detailed description of the cooking dishes using simple and affordable foodstuffs.


You can choose a system of proper nutrition:

  • for active or moderate weight loss 
  • for body recovery (detoxification)


After reading the book, You will:


✅ Get your diet in order.

✅ Understand the main mistakes in weight loss.

✅ Understand why grueling athletic training is unnecessary when losing weight and calorie counting as well.

✅ Stop worrying about your weight and start living a new life, without extra kilograms, without hunger and relapses, without fear to gain weight again.

✅ See real results that will stay with you forever. And most importantly you will be satisfied with your results.


It is quite easy and simple!


©️Yana Lukashevych, dietitian-nutritionist

©️ All techniques and rights reserved.


After paying for the order, customers will receive the book at the specified address. Delivery time depends on the work of delivery services.

The book "Eat good. Feel good" for body weight loss and wellness

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