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Yana Lukashevych

Nutritionist Yana Lukashevych, author of books:

"Eat good - feel good" 

The author of the books "Eat good. Feel good" -

(Eat well, feel good) 

You can buy a paper or electronic version of the book on the website.

A book about proper nutrition for losing weight and improving health.

Proper nutrition is not about calorie control or endless diets.

  Proper, healthy nutrition does not mean a boring menu and refusal of delicious dishes.  Just the opposite!

 It means balance, which can be achieved by eating different foods and as much as the body needs. 

So he will be able to get the necessary nutrients so that we can be healthy and active.

 Healthy and healthy food is the best investment in yourself, in good health and a good appearance

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nutritionist - dietician Yana Lukashevych
План диеты

"Eat Good. Feel Good"

Do you dream of a slim figure, but don't know where to start? 

I realize how difficult it is, so I recommend reading my book with unique techniques that will become your reliable guide on the way to the perfect body.

📚 What's inside ?
* Proven methods and tips from a leading nutritionist.
* Easy and delicious recipes that don't require hours in the kitchen.

✨ Why this book.
* Real results in a short time.
* Convenient format: read and lose weight anywhere.

You deserve to feel confident and be healthy! 
Don't put off your dream for tomorrow - start your transformation today.

🔗 Order now at a special price of only 2€
Become the best version of yourself!

nutritionist will tell you how to lose weight correctly, quickly without harming your health


Get to Know me

Yana Lukashevich

 nutritionist, nutritionist, cosmetologist, author of the books "Eat good. Feel good"


Since 2009, I have been working in the field of health, beauty and healthy nutrition.

Over the years, the practice has grown, but the goals remain the same: to help people successfully achieve goals related to self-care and nutrition (weight loss, sports nutrition, disease prevention, etc.)

In 2021, my first book was published. It presents a set of necessary tools and resources to help form healthy eating habits. Help save the result. And start living a happier and healthier life. Book: - In paper or electronic form. - Available in 5 languages: Ukrainian, English, German, Polish, Russian. Buy a book today instead of a snack! And enjoy your life with confidence! "Because when you achieve your desired result, you will be able to reach new heights! Because there is a lot of energy in a renewed body. And our energy is our actions and youth. Because the quality of life depends on the condition of the body." Quote from my book

The most popular and frequently repeated reviews:

This is the most delicious diet!
Thank you for an incredible result and a delicious menu.
I didn't believe that you could lose weight on pasta with meat, cakes and other goodies.
I lost weight easily, without problems and I am not gaining weight.
Thank you!

The most popular and frequently repeated reviews:

My health has improved. I feel light and have a lot of energy. My hormonal background has normalized.

The most popular and frequently repeated reviews:

Thank you for making us healthier, younger and more beautiful. 
I highly recommend your nutrition system to everyone.
Thank you very much! 


Ukraine, Dnipro

Poland, Warsaw

Austria, Wien 


38 068 94 311 31

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